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Batiste Dry Shampoo Oriental 200ml

Batiste Dry Shampoo Oriental 200ml




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Batiste dry shampoo is your styling assistant, with a lasting texture and hold. With a few movements, it absorbs any oil from the roots of your hair, penetrating into the hair. Revitalizes oily and dull hair leaving it soft and fresh. Adds volume and texture to fine hair. Extends the duration of dyed hair. No residue, does not stick and leaves a feeling of cleanliness in the hair. Instructions for Use Shake the bottle very well, spray the roots (at a distance of 30 cm) and comb your hair well. Massage until the "whiteness" is gone. Definitely your hair will be kept fresh for 1 more day! But do not expect to use it for a number of days and never bathe! Summary: -Gives volume -Fragrances -Absorbs oil -It is economical -Colorful packages and many scents -Leaves white powder, which leaves easily -Not tested on animals -Easy to apply

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